Established in February 2017, the Morrison Foundation partners with the community to sustain and expand financial support of Morrison Child and Family Services’ work to provide prevention, foster care, mental health, and substance abuse treatment to children, youth, and families.

Board Members

  • David Thompson
    Vice President & General Counsel
    Portland Business Alliance

    Thomas Slick
    Fernhazel Properties LLC

    George Alexander
    Affiliate member
    Community Advocate

    Jeremiah Cathcart

    Drew Henrie-McWilliams
    Affiliate member
    Chief Executive Officer
    Morrison Child and Family Services

  • Katherine Kennedy
    Affiliate member
    Chief Financial Officer
    Morrison Child and Family Services

    Christen Picot
    Affiliate member
    Senior VP, New Business Development
    Durham and Bates

    Janae Sorenson
    Vice President, Account Executive
    Parker Smith and Feek

Contact Us

To learn more about the Morrison Foundation, email us at