Morrison Child and Family Services has been providing prevention, mental health, and substance abuse treatment for children, youth, and their families for over 71 years. Nine years ago, long before the Trump administration and the current tragedy on the southern US border, we entered into a contract with the federal government to provide support for undocumented immigrant youth coming into the U.S. the vast majority of whom came without a parent or guardian. Our role under this contract was and remains to find homes and provide other needed services for these youth who range from 13-17 years of age until more permanent solutions can be found. These young people, who comprise less than 5% of the total population we serve, are housed in one of two locations in Portland and upon request are free to leave our facilities anytime they choose. We provide housing, food, education, medical and other individualized services until we can either place them in an appropriate environment in the U.S. or they request to leave back to their home country. The locations of our facilities are kept confidential for the safety of the children and as required by federal law.

We too have been shocked, horrified, and heartbroken by the change in policy and practice at our Southern border and it’s terrible impact on immigrant families. Our mission is and remains to serve children throughout the Portland metro region and the state who need support and services regardless of where they come from. Our staff are dedicated to providing these services day in and day out, and we thank you for your support.

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