Morrison Child and Family Services provides a comprehensive continuum of mental health, substance abuse and prevention services for children from birth through age 18. Programs and services vary in intensity and length of treatment. We work with families and communities to make a positive difference in each child’s life. Each program is rigorously reviewed by our internal Program Evaluation Department, which has been documenting the results of our work and guiding program innovations and improvements for more than 30 years. Services include:

Prevention & Education

Morrison is committed to early intervention and prevention services for children struggling with attachment and behavior difficulties. Providing effective treatment to young children and their parents or caregivers as early as possible prevents difficulties from becoming more problematic later and helps ensure success within the family, school and with peers.

Morrison Child and Family Services was built on a foundation of outpatient services, and continues to serve more than 4,000 children and families annually through its outpatient programs. This program serves children ages birth - 18 years.

Community & School-based

Mental health services in the community and schools includes our staff coming to families wherever they need us most. Home and school based services include assessments, therapy, case management, and consultation for teachers, parents and/or guardians. 

Day Treatment

We have several intensive specialty programs that combine education, mental health and/or substance abuse through group-centered services. Each day treatment program also provides services to family members and other identified family resources such as adoptive parents. 

Foster Care
Morrison provides therapeutic foster care homes that work in conjunction with our treatment services throughout Morrison programs and other community providers. Our foster homes offer positive role models and  positive parenting experiences for the clients we serve.

Morrison provides 24 hour residential care offering a full range of physical and mental health and/or substance abuse treatment services, educational instruction along with vocational readiness.  These services are provided to those youth in state or federal custody.

Program Evaluation
Morrison maintains an independent, internal Program Evaluation Department to regularly assess and improve our services.

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